Our thermal water: A gift of nature

Europe's highest situated thermal water rises just a few meters away from our Thermal Badhotel Kirchler… A source of relaxation used by the Kirchler family for over 150 years. The thermal water is streaming from the source through a direct line exclusively into our building with beneficial ingredients such as sulfur, carbonic acid and radon. Our thermal water is used throughout the building as bath water and particularly special, absolutely unique drinking water. This is the Thermalbad Hintertux in our Badhotel Kirchler.



Our water...

  • …has especially high drinking water quality.
  • …is prepared for the indoor pool (approximately 29°C) in a way so that it meets all the requirements of the pool hygiene laws.
  • …contains less lime, thereby makes the hair softer among other things.
  • …heals softly and helps with muscle tension, skin conditions, cardiovascular diseases, rheumatism, musculoskeletal disorders and more, depending on the concentration and composition of the ingredients.