Set off to an adventure – Tourist attractions around Tux

Enjoy the whole spectacle of Tyrolean nature at tourist attractions around Tux and in the entire Zillertal: High up in the glacier in the breathtaking ice caves, in a traditional Alpine dairy or at other places in Zillertal. Action-rich, worth knowing and exciting for the whole family… You can reach everything directly or after a short ride from our Badhotel.


Tourist attractions in Tux-Finkenberg


Mehlerhaus in Madseit

300-year-old Mehlerhaus was renovated and converted into a cultural center and a small museum by the Tux municipality. Mehlerhaus is accessible to the public every Friday afternoon from 13:00 to 18:00 and it is used regularly for cultural events..


Tux Mill in Juns

The Tux mill which dates from 1839 was restored and thus maintained a bit of rural culture. In the past the farm was self-sufficient for the most part. Barley, striving at our altitude, was cultivated. The barley flour was not only used for making bread but also for the production of other confections of pastry (for example for pasta, krapfen).


Spannagel Cave

Under the Spannagelhaus at the Hintertux Glacier, the underground adventure begins. The main ridge of the Alps consists mainly of primitive rock. However, as a geological peculiarity, a marble range (crystalline limestone) runs southward from Hintertux to the Spannagelhaus. The cave is the biggest natural cave in the entire Central Alps!


Nature Ice Palace

The Nature Ice Palace at the Hintertux Glacier, at an altitude of 3.250 m, is a naturally developed crevasse that came into being without human influence. It is divided into the entrance hall, the "Firnkegelgalerie" with the crystal chamber, the blue chamber with the ice chapel and the actual ice palace with its flawless ice formations. More information can be obtained from Natursport Tirol tel: +43 676 3070000 or the Hintertux Glacier Railway, tel: +43 5287 8510


Mountain Dairy Stoankasern

At an altitude of 1.984 meters, Junsalm with the snack bar Stoankasern is located in a wild and romantic alpine valley, surrounded by pastures and alpine slopes. Interested visitors can see how milk is made into butter and cheese, every morning from mid-June to the end of September.


Farming Settlement Gemais

The group of farmsteads in the hamlet of Gemais can be attributed to the 18th century. The group began with a dairy farmstead which had been founded in the 13th century. The division of the original farm produced the four separate farm sectors which still exist today. This farmstead group is a prime example of constructional and economic developments of the medieval dairy farming groups.


Devil’s Bridge, Finkenberg

A rare example of Tyrolean timber construction work can be found in the Devil’s Bridge, which was built in 1876. The bridge spans a narrow, deep gorge, where the Tux creek runs. The Hochsteg Bridge also originates from the 19th century and spans the Zemm River. Other interesting natural monuments which can be found in the village include the “Alte Linde” (110 years old), and the “Alte Buche” (750 years old). 


Panoramic Terrace at 3.250 m

The Frozen Wall mountain station at the Hintertux Glacier with the panoramic terrace is the peak of pleasure. Even the ascent in the Glacierbus3, certainly the most spectacular cable car in the Alps, is an experience. The breathtaking panorama extends from the Großglockner all the way to the Dolomites and the Zugspitze! The ascent to the panoramic terrace is "barrier-free". Austria's highest passenger lift also brings families with buggies and wheelchair users onto the panoramic terrace without any problem.


Mineral and Crystal Museum

The mineral and crystal museum in Finkenberg displays glistening precious stones from the Zillertal Alps. These precious treasures of the mountains, such as illuminating rutile grids and scepter quartzes, magnificent amethysts and picturesque adularias with calcite, grew a very long time ago, millions of years ago, during the formation of the Alps, in chasms. The high-quality collection is considered one of the best in Zillertal.


Granatkapelle Chapel at Penken

The Granatkapelle chapel on the Penkenjoch is dedicated to the Blessed Zillertaler Engelbert Kolland. Famous Swiss architect Mario Botta was prevailed upon to execute the move. The artwork is located at 2.087 meters above sea level on the sunny plateau of Penkenjoch, right next to the Speichersee reservoir, with one of the most beautiful views of the Zillertal mountains. The Granatkapelle Chapel is a 10 minutes long walk, which anyone can easily manage from the Finkenberger Almbahnen summit station. The chapel is only open in summer. It is a destination for silence, recovery and inner retreat.


Tux Waterfalls

At the valley head in Hintertux, underneath the Frozen Wall, the Tux waterfalls plunge into deep cirques. The Schraubenwasserfall waterfall and the cave at the Spannagelhaus were placed under nature protection in 1964. On the way towards Vallarga, you pass the Schleierwasserfall waterfall. Impressive: Tux water has drinking water quality. Gain refreshment on your Zillertal vacation at one of the many outdoor springs or simply at any tap!


Regular Guests' Summit Cross

The summit cross on the Ramsjoch (2.600 m) was set up and dedicated during the "Stammgästewoche" (Regular Guests' Week) 2000 in honour of Tux's regular visitors. The summit cross can be reached from the Eggalm via the Grübelspitze in approximately 1.5 hours of walking time.

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